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The Pyramids

World Cruise, April, 2022

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The Pyramids were constructed between 2600-2500 BC. That means that they are the oldest manmade structures in the world.

Xue--Vietnam's Historic Capital City

Visiting a Buddhist Pagoda and the Imperial Palace

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The city of Hue is located approximately in the middle of Vietnam and was the seat of royal power from the 19th and into the 20th centuries.  There were thirteen kings who reigned from Hue.  Many of the ancient structures were destroyed during the Vietnam-American War, which have since been restored.  The photos show scenes from the Imperial Palace as well as the three hundred-year-old Buddhist pagoda.

Stockholm Sweden

June, 2023

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Enjoy my observations about life in Sweden with photos that each tell their own stories.


May, 2022

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This blog will offer photos from four Italian cities: Sorrento, Ostia, Pisa, and Lucca.

Caritas = Caring Science

and Autumn Images of the South

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It has been said that the American healthcare system is not about health, nor is it a system.  Rather, it has been described as a pyramid scheme run by insurance companies with government collaboration, in which exorbitant premiums are collected from those who can afford to pay.  Profits are maximized by simply paying out less in benefits than what is collected in premiums.  The sicker the American population is, the more profits can be made by the insurance companies.  Care is withheld from the uninsured... 

India 2017

Opinions of a Frequent Visitor

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Welcome again to India: Above, two views of the Gateway to India  India assaults the senses and the intellect. The smells, the sounds, the crowds, the traffic, all these constant phenomena reinforce the necessity to live consciously . . .

The Magical Kingdom of Bhutan

March, 2016

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How much can a tourist learn about a country in five days? First impressions count. One can draw conclusions from even a short visit that merit more research perhaps through a future visit. Having just spent five days in Bhutan. . .

I Love My Job

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My chosen professions have not required the type of concentration required by those who hold the lives of others in their hands. . .