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Envisioning the Future of American Healthcare

May 2020

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I’ll never forget a conversation that occurred in Norway some years ago as Susan and I met retired hospital architect, Knut Bergsland, to tour his hospital in Trondheim, Norway.  Knut  said, “Welcome to Norway.  You should know that as long as you are in Norway, if you have any medical problem, you can go straight to the hospital, where you will be treated without charge.  We don’t care if you’re Norwegian or a foreigner, with or without a visa, all will receive treatments free of charge.” 

COVID-19 Reality Check

April 2020

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Assume that this photo above represents a newly discovered virus somewhere in China.  After first being observed and ignored, and following a suppression of the news about the virus’s discovery lasting many weeks…Suppose that the Chinese city recognizes a dangerous epidemic in the making and seeks to quarantine itself.  The tumors appearing all over the body incite feelings of revulsion and fear of the virus.  This fear is compounded when it is revealed that of the thousands of patients infected by the virus, a significant number die within days... 

A Step for Peace: Middle East Nurses Uniting in Human Caring

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This blog is about a small area of peace within a conflict zone.  I’m referring to the cold war (sometimes erupting into hot-war violence) between Israel and the Palestinians. 

Telehealth/Telemedicine: Disrupting Our Healthcare System

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This conference offered insights into what is possible if data is collected on millions of people so that, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can gain insight and information that will lead to more accurate and earlier diagnoses, treatments, and better health outcomes.

Welcome to Virtual Reality

April, 2019

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In my long life, I’ve witnessed several major technological revolutions.   In my early music years of the early 1960’s, all musical instruments were acoustic.  Then in the late sixties, Jimi Hendrix led the way to an electric guitar revolution, and music was changed forever.  The Hammond B3 . . .

The Largest Nurses' Conference in the World!

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The 2018 American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Conference, which took place this year in Denver, Colorado, was the largest healthcare conference in the world with 10,000 nurses.

The HHS-Canada Music Therapy Connection

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Twenty-four years ago Susan and I began our healthcare careers with the goal of bringing music into hospitals to create healing environments. This led to the development of the C.A.R.E. Channel, a 24-hour channel that provides peaceful music and beautiful nature images. 

UCSF: The Most Beautiful Hospital Complex I've Ever Seen!

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Last week, Susan and I attended a one-day regional conference in San Francisco, hosted by the University of San Francisco Medical Center in their brand-new facility, which just opened this past February.  More about the conference in a minute…But first, what’s wrong with American healthcare?