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2016 German/American Reunion in Salt Lake City

June, 2016

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Why have a German reunion in Salt Lake City? In 1969, I traveled to Kiel, Germany, for a “junior year abroad” at the Christian-Albrechts University. I ended up staying out of the US for three and a half years, during which time, besides living in Germany, I spent significant time in Sweden, Afghanistan, and India. I returned home at the end of 1972, after the Vietnam draft had been abolished...

A Collection of Photos and Text

Three collected PDF files with text and images.

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As during the past ten years or so, I worked New Year's Eve 2010 at a Reno 
casino with a ten?piece band, "The World's Most Dangerous Party Band".  We played 
for two dinner seatings of "high rollers", i.e. casino visitors who deposit the requisite 
minimum amount of money into their gaming (gambling) accounts.  Casinos don't 
care if a particular customer wins or loses…they just have to gamble.  Because when 
they gamble, the odds favoring the "house" (casino) will prevail, and so overall the 
casinos consistently rake in the money.

A Few Stories from our Weeks in Mumbai

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04/13/2024By Dallas Smith0India Travel: Day to Day Live in Mumbai
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As Susan and I begin the final week of our India visit, in this blog I want to try and describe our day-to-day life during our six weeks here.  We have had such a wonderful time, that we hope to return again at the end of this year.  We played more concerts in our six weeks here than we have in the past year at home in Reno.  The positive audience reception of our Indian audiences was very gratifying.



A Quick Glimpse of Rome

December, 2019

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We spent two tourist days in Rome prior to boarding the Viking cruise ship.  Our hotel was located in the Trastevere section of Rome, an older residential area across the Tiber River from the central city, home to Rome’s most famous architectural landmarks.  

My travel blogs are intended to provide my readers with the vicarious pleasure of my sharing my travel experiences. 

A reunion with friends in Kiel, Germany

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A Step for Peace: Middle East Nurses Uniting in Human Caring

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This blog is about a small area of peace within a conflict zone.  I’m referring to the cold war (sometimes erupting into hot-war violence) between Israel and the Palestinians. 

A Tourist's View of Israel

February, 2015

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The world is a big place…I was picked up at 3am to travel to the Mumbai airport for a 6:40am Turkish Airlines flight, which flew seven hours from Mumbai to Istanbul. After a couple of hours in the chaotic, crowded, and very international Istanbul airport, I flew two hours to the Ben Gurion airport outside Tel Aviv Israel. Met by Susan, we traveled half an hour by taxi to the town of Rehovot, where Susan’s sister and her husband have lived for many years. . .

Aachen, Germany

May, 2023

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This post is being sent from Aachen, Germany, a historic city on the western side of Germany just a few miles from the borders with Holland and Belgium.  Let’s review the difference between the awareness of history in the US as opposed to Europe. 

Alaska: Mountains, Lakes, and Glaciers

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Alternative Energy Essay

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I began a discussion on the subject of alternative energy production with my visiting European energy expert, my longtime friend, Per.  (Per is Norwegian, but has lived in Kiel, Germany, for several decades.)  Per is an expert in many aspects of alternative energy generation.  He holds the European patent for a Biomass Generator, that could greatly increase the storage and recycling energy currently squandered in disposing of tons of urban biomass waste.