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2016 German/American Reunion in Salt Lake City

June, 2016

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Why have a German reunion in Salt Lake City? In 1969, I traveled to Kiel, Germany, for a “junior year abroad” at the Christian-Albrechts University. I ended up staying out of the US for three and a half years, during which time, besides living in Germany, I spent significant time in Sweden, Afghanistan, and India. I returned home at the end of 1972, after the Vietnam draft had been abolished...

A Quick Glimpse of Rome

December, 2019

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We spent two tourist days in Rome prior to boarding the Viking cruise ship.  Our hotel was located in the Trastevere section of Rome, an older residential area across the Tiber River from the central city, home to Rome’s most famous architectural landmarks.  

My travel blogs are intended to provide my readers with the vicarious pleasure of my sharing my travel experiences. 

A Step for Peace: Middle East Nurses Uniting in Human Caring

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This blog is about a small area of peace within a conflict zone.  I’m referring to the cold war (sometimes erupting into hot-war violence) between Israel and the Palestinians. 

A Tourist's View of Israel

February, 2015

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The world is a big place…I was picked up at 3am to travel to the Mumbai airport for a 6:40am Turkish Airlines flight, which flew seven hours from Mumbai to Istanbul. After a couple of hours in the chaotic, crowded, and very international Istanbul airport, I flew two hours to the Ben Gurion airport outside Tel Aviv Israel. Met by Susan, we traveled half an hour by taxi to the town of Rehovot, where Susan’s sister and her husband have lived for many years. . .

Aachen, Germany

May, 2023

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This post is being sent from Aachen, Germany, a historic city on the western side of Germany just a few miles from the borders with Holland and Belgium.  Let’s review the difference between the awareness of history in the US as opposed to Europe. 

Alaska: Mountains, Lakes, and Glaciers

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Amazing Morocco

April, 2017

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I must confess prior practically total ignorance of Morocco. Whatever I thought I knew was wrong. Similar to my mistaken preconceptions of southern Spain, I thought that Morocco was all desert. Instead, it turns out that the northern half of Morocco is equally lush and . . .

An Iranian in America

March 29, 2012

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No, I have not traveled to Iran, but my across-the-street neighbor just returned from a one month visit to his hometown of Shiraz, Iran...  

Attempting to Understand Balkan History

October, 2015

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In this post, based on what I learned during our Viking River Cruise from Bucharest to Budapest, I will attempt something very difficult: to explain the history of the Balkan countries in a short essay. This journey up the Danube River has been an amazing history lesson. I’ve learned that the Balkan situation is even more complicated than the Middle East, because the Middle East crisis escalated mostly in the last century, whereas the Balkan region has been at war for more than a millennium. . .

Ayutthaya, Thailand's Ancient Capital

Photos from Ayutthaya

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Ayutthaya lies about a two hour's drive north of Bangkok.  It was Thailand's capital for approximately four hundred years, founded in 1351.  It was burned by Burmese invaders in 1767, which resulted in its abandonment and the establishment of Bangkok which remains Thailand's current capital.  

Below is one of the oldest Stupas, built in the 14th century, in the same era as the construction of Cambodia's Angkor Wat, the world's largest UNESCO world heritage site.  Stupas are Buddhist cylindrical structures containing the ashes, bones, or remains of religious figures, and are intended to function as pilgrimage sites for worship and meditation.