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Witnessing Global Warming

June, 2023

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Global warming is happening every day. I happened to witness it firsthand during our recent visit to Svalbard.

Homage to Dance Master Chitresh Das

January, 2015

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The world lost a brilliant man this month. I lost a mentor and friend. That man was Chitresh Das, a brilliant Indian dancer. He was only seventy years old, at the peak of his career and creativity. The cause of death was an aortic rupture…I don’t know the details… only that he died quickly without prolonged pain and suffering. His wife and two young daughters that were left behind are the ones who are suffering the most. . .

Healing Journeys: Living With Cancer

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Nobody plans to get cancer. Nobody intends to interrupt their lives in such a drastic fashion, to undergo painful traumatic treatment regimens, to live for (hopefully) years with nagging uncertainty about a possible cancer recurrence. Yet, this is exactly what happens to thousands of people every year in every walk of life.

Why I love my job

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A couple of decades ago, my wife Susan and I worked as entertainers on cruise ships.  Often the entertainers sat together at mealtimes.  A common observation was that the job of being a comedian was the most difficult of all the entertainers.  Having to be funny for ten or fifteen minutes before a group of elderly strangers (as well as having to avoid any jokes that might be interpreted as obscene, irreligious, or politically incorrect) was difficult indeed...

Need some Good Ideas? Read this!

January, 2011

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This essay was written in January, 2011, inspired by the annual session of the Fielding Graduate University, where Susan was working on her doctorate, which she completed in December, 2011.

In Favor of Alternative Energy

August 2011

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 This essay was first published in August, 2011, soon after a reunion of my German student colleagues dating from the early seventies in Kiel, Germany.

An Iranian in America

March 29, 2012

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No, I have not traveled to Iran, but my across-the-street neighbor just returned from a one month visit to his hometown of Shiraz, Iran...