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Indonesia's Paradise Island

There are almost as many temples, pagodas, shrines, and statues as there are people in Bali.  Initially, I started to photograph almost every amazing temple that I saw, until I realized that there were one or more temples, especially elaborate private temples located in every few houses.  Bali reminds me of Nepal, which also has many large and small temples.  However, Nepal also has Islamic mosques as well as Christian churches.  Bali is more purely and traditionally Hindu than Nepal or India, though India is the birthplace of Hinduism and is known as Hindustan. 

My personal opinion is that the gentle mentality of the Balinese people is even more remarkable than its religious traditions.  I have not seen any beggars or unhoused people.  I never witnessed a Balinese person on the street express anger toward others.  For example, there are many intersections with no traffic lights or policemen to regulate the traffic.  Even during rush hour, cars slowly approach the intersections and take turns proceeding.  No driver blows his horn or drives aggressively.  I’ve never seen that in any other country.  Every interaction I’ve had with Balinese people has been open and cordial.  Of course, Bali is a tropical paradise island, so perhaps that idyllic setting along, with their strong religious practices, creates this remarkable peaceful mentality among the Balinese.

This blog features more photos than any blog I’ve ever published.  There are a few landscapes, workers on the street, fruits and flowers, modern and traditional art, and many pagodas (the tall multi-level structures) and temples, often decorated with statues.  The monster statues are intended to scare away evil spirits.  The tall twin gates are meant to delineate the boundaries between normal space and entering sacred space.  The artwork was photographed in the Ubud Museum.  Balinese regularly create sexy statues and artworks.  There must be stories that accompany the two sexy paintings I posted, but I don’t know those stories. 

You can click on any photo to bring it to a full-screen display.  Enjoy!

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