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Montenegro Photos

Montenegro is the smallest of the six countries that emerged at the breakup of Yugoslavia (Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia) after the death of Yugoslav dictator Marshall Tito in 1980.

Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay–Where the Tango Was Born Let me begin by saying that I knew nothing about Uruguay when the Viking Star docked in Montevideo.  Unfortunately, the port of Montevideo is perhaps the least attractive that I’ve ever seen.  Off to one side of the dock[…]

Fourth World Cruise Port of Call: Panama

Our fourth Viking port of call was the country of Panama, at the port of its huge modern capital, Panama City.  Panama originally was part of its Southern neighbor Columbia.  But American “gunboat diplomacy” separated Panama early in the 20th century into an American “protectorate”.  This allowed the US to proceed with the ambitious project of constructing the Panama Canal, whose length of approximately fifty miles qualifies it as one of the greatest engineering projects in human history.

Our third port of call: Costa Rica

Our third Viking port of call was Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  As usual, several excursion choices were offered.  We chose one entitled “Walk in the Clouds.”  We boarded a bus for an hour’s drive from the coast up to the highlands of the central valley running[…]
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