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  • Magic Garden (Magic Garden)
  • Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith
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  • Amethyst (Amethyst)
  • Susan Mazer
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  • Midnight Mystery (Snapshots in Time)
  • Dallas Smith
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  • Living Easy (The Still Point)
  • Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith
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  • Banfora (New Times Good Times)
  • Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith
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About These Titles

Available Media:  | MP3
Magic Garden
From the Album: Magic Garden
by Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith

This is Dallas and Susan’s first jazz album together, with “hot” drumming by Los Angeles musician Moyes Lucas.

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2013Available Media: | CD  | MP3
From the Album: Amethyst
by Susan Mazer

Susan’s solo album of originals and jazz standards, accompanied by Eric Middleton on drums and percussion.

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2014Available Media: | CD  | MP3
Midnight Mystery
From the Album: Snapshots in Time
by Dallas Smith

Snapshots in Time is my second album of all original jazz compositions, following the 2014 release of My Original Standards.

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Available Media: | CD  | MP3
Living Easy
From the Album: The Still Point
by Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith

A mixture of peaceful and more rhythmic compositions in this album originally commissioned
by Washoe Medical Center, Reno, Nevada.

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Available Media: | CD  | MP3
From the Album: New Times Good Times
Music from our Heroes, Mentors, and Friends
by Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith

Our jazz album, featuring several well-known jazz standards, music of our heroes, mentors, and friends.

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