Ten Days in Israel

This blog includes a lengthy consideration of the Israeli history of its military occupation of Palestine. Background Context for this Blog This blog was written during our ten-day visit to Israel.  My wife Susan’s sister Aliza has lived in Israel for decades.  In our thirty-five[…]


Greetings from the Tahitian island of Moorea.  Susan and I visited Moorea thirty years ago for part of one day around when we worked as entertainers on Royal Viking Lines.  Cruise ships typically spend less than one day in most ports of call.  So we[…]

Greece Blog

The Greeks affected the whole world with their ideas, foremost among them the concept of democratic rule.  Greece gave rise to philosophers including Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.  Greek architecture was adopted first by the Romans, but later around the world, including the columns seen in US government buildings in Washington DC.  The Greek language gave rise to words in science, religion, and history that have been adopted by other countries’ languages around the world. 
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