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More Alaska 2013 Photos

  Above is the view from Homer, Alaska, looking across the bay in the late afternoon.   As we traveled across the Denali Highway, the 105 mile dirt road through this incredible wilderness, with higher elevation came fresh snow.   This was the view from the main highway, traveling north from Anchorage toward Denali and[…]

Detroit: Visions of a Great City

Two thousand years ago, Rome, the center of the Roman Empire, was the largest most advanced city in the world.  Five hundred years later the empire had disintegrated into small kingdoms of competing tribes and city-states that grew up around the ruins of the former great empire. In the eleventh century, Ankor Watt in Cambodia[…]

Wine Tasting in Las Vegas

Throughout most of my adult life, I’ve lived relatively frugally.  I don’t indulge very often in expensive habits…Skiing is one.  So it is pure decadent indulgence to fly down to Las Vegas for the Wine Spectator magazine’s annual gourmet wine tasting.  Indeed, this was a new life experience for me.  I have my good friend[…]
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