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April 2020 COVID-19 Reality Check

Here’s a mental exercise: Assume that this photo above represents a newly discovered virus somewhere in China.  After first being observed and ignored, and following a suppression of the news about the virus’s discovery lasting many weeks…Suppose that the Chinese city recognizes a dangerous epidemic in the making and seeks to quarantine itself.  The tumors[…]

Houston: After the flood, the triumphant recovery of a great city

Approximately one month ago, Houston, Texas was inundated by the storm surge caused by hurricane Harvey. In an unprecedented series of Atlantic hurricanes, Harvey was followed in quick succession by hurricane Irma which struck Florida, hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and hurricane Nate which caused some deaths in the Caribbean[…]

Work in New Jersey, Play in New York

Englewood, New Jersey Hospitals are noisy places. Think of beepers, buzzers, alarms, rolling carts, slamming doors, cries of pain and sorrow, miscellaneous conversations. The government has created a post-hospitalization questionnaire to evaluate the patients’ perception of how quiet their hospital was at night. Due to a below average scores on the nationwide evaluation, Englewood Hospital[…]

Four Mini-Blogs from Detroit

Detroit The short tragic history of Detroit is that race riots in the late sixties caused “white flight”, drastically lowering the tax base and precipitating the relocation of major industries away from Detroit. The lack of jobs led to a reduction in Detroit’s total population from over two million to the current 700 thousand. At[…]

One Night in San Francisco

I lived in the San Francisco area from 1975-85, specifically in Marin County, the beautiful landscape north of the city over the Golden Gate Bridge. During my last five years in Marin, I lived in the rural community of Woodacre, which satisfied the country boy in me, while I was only a forty-five minute drive from the big city of San Francisco. I loved it.

Paradise near Seattle: Whidbey island

This blog is about a remarkable cousin who lives in a wonderful place. Seventy-six-year-old cousin Dick is actually my wife Susan’s firstcousin. We have met each other infrequently over the years. Dick and his wife Julie visited us in Reno once. And Susan and I visited Dick and Julie twice in their previous home near[…]
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