India and the Middle East

Israel — Part 2: Who/What is a Jew?

Note regarding terminology: The Western Wall of the ancient city of Jerusalem is located close to the Second Temple when Jerusalem  was under Jewish control.  Because of its proximity to the ancient temple site, it is Judaism’s most revered site.  It’s colloquial name is “the Wailing Wall”, because of the fervent prayers offered there. Israel[…]

Israel 2012 — Part 1

Our Jordanian tour company representative accompanied us as far as possible through the customs and immigration bureaucracy on the Jordanian side of the Sheik Hussein bridge border crossing.  We proceeded to sit in the Jordanian bus for 45 minutes (thank goodness, with the air conditioning on), waiting to make the five minute drive across the[…]

Dinner With Pakistanis

For the past few years, Susan and I have been hosting foreign visitors who tour the US sponsored by the State Department and the Northern Nevada International Center. We have hosted Chinese, Russians, Turks, various Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans. We even provided accommodations to a mayor from a village in Tajikistan for ten days.

Marriage Indian Style

In traditional Moslem culture, all marriages are arranged. Once the bride and groom’s families complete their negotiations on dowry terms (the money and goods paid to the groom’s family as compensation for assuming the “burden” of supporting the addition to the groom’s family), the marriage ceremony is arranged. Marriages are a time for large celebrations featuring conspicuous consumption.
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