Swedish Traditions versus Anti-Immigrant Populism

  At first glance, it might seem that Sweden is an idealized version of California:  Sweden has: universal free access to healthcare, free college education, an excellent public transportation system, a high regard for conservation and alternative energy production, a high level of female representation in government and industry, and (last but perhaps not least)[…]

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

PIN Road through Iceland
Whenever I travel to “old Europe,” that is, the continent of Europe, I’m reminded that Europeans are much more aware of history than Americans are.  They see the old cathedrals, the castles, the city walls, the statues, the artwork…all products of their long history.  In Iceland, one is reminded constantly of “geological time.”  Geological time[…]

Stockholm & Oslo, Two of My Favorite Cities

Many years ago, I was told the following joke which highlights Scandinavian cliché stereotypes: In a ferry sailing on the Baltic Sea, two Danes, two Norwegians, two Finns, and two Swedes walk into the bar. The two Danes clap each other on the back, have some drinks, all the while laughing uproariously. The two Norwegians[…]

The Amazing Cities of Southern Spain

To tour a country as part of a group tour necessarily results in a superficial introduction to the countries visited. But the advantage is that all the logistical details are covered in advance by the tour company. In the case of this Go Ahead tour, we spent two days in Portugal, followed by five days[…]
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