Aachen, Germany

This blog is being sent from Aachen, Germany, an historic city on the western side of Germany just a few miles from the borders with Holland and Belgium.  Let’s review the difference between the awareness of history in the US as opposed to Europe.  Aside from a few historic buildings in Boston, New York, Washington,[…]

Greece Blog

The Greeks affected the whole world with their ideas, foremost among them the concept of democratic rule.  Greece gave rise to philosophers including Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.  Greek architecture was adopted first by the Romans, but later around the world, including the columns seen in US government buildings in Washington DC.  The Greek language gave rise to words in science, religion, and history that have been adopted by other countries’ languages around the world. 

A Quick Glimpse of Rome

My travel blogs are intended to provide my readers with the vicarious pleasure from my sharing my travel experiences.  We spent two tourist days in Rome prior to boarding the Viking cruise ship.  Our hotel was located in the Trastevere section of Rome, an older residential area across the Tiber River from the central city,[…]

Ireland, the “Emerald Isle”

Ireland had always been on my “bucket list.”  So I’m ecstatic to have gotten the opportunity to visit, even without long prior planning.  Susan had contacted the founder of the International Virtual Reality in Healthcare Association, who, when he learned about Healing Healthcare Systems, invited Susan to give a keynote address on the history and[…]
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