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U.S. travels

Four Mini-Blogs with Photos

Detroit The short tragic history of Detroit is that race riots in the late sixties caused “white flight”, drastically lowering the tax base and precipitating the relocation of major industries away from Detroit. The lack of jobs led to a reduction in Detroit’s total population from over two million to the current 700 thousand. At[…]

Chicago: the Planetree Report

Planetree: Patient-focused Care As I write this blog, the news is full of alarming reports about Ebola, a disease without a medical cure, spreading internationally. Two (2!) American nurses contracted the disease while caring for an African patient. At the same time, I’ve seen several cartoons of overweight men sitting in a bar, drinking, smoking,[…]

Georgia: Savannah and Cumberland Island

2014 Georgia Blog (with a bit of Alabama) During my extensive travels through the years, I’ve cultivated a private pleasure on long plane flights. That is, I catch up on my unread New York Times magazine sections, as well as any unread Book Review and Opinion sections. At home, we get the physical NY Times[…]

One Night in San Francisco

I lived in the San Francisco area from 1975-85, specifically in Marin County, the beautiful landscape north of the city over the Golden Gate Bridge. During my last five years in Marin, I lived in the rural community of Woodacre, which satisfied the country boy in me, while I was only a forty-five minute drive from the big city of San Francisco. I loved it.

Whidbey Island, Washington

  This blog is about a remarkable cousin who lives in a wonderful place. Seventy-six-year-old cousin Dick is actually my wife Susan’s firstcousin. We have met each other infrequently over the years. Dick and his wife Julie visited us in Reno once. And Susan and I visited Dick and Julie twice in their previous home[…]

Sweet Home Alabama

Thanksgiving Week 2013 “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” –variation on an old cliché The only time I reconnect with my “country-boy” roots is when I visit the “country place” in Alabama where I spent my childhood.  My whole life I’ve declared[…]
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