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Four Mini-Blogs with Photos

Detroit The short tragic history of Detroit is that race riots in the late sixties caused “white flight”, drastically lowering the tax base and precipitating the relocation of major industries away from Detroit. The lack of jobs led to a reduction in Detroit’s total population from over two million to the current 700 thousand. At[…]

We Are All the Patient Experience

Inflated Prices for Rice and Healthcare Rice is a staple of the Japanese diet. Japanese-grown rice costs twice as much in Japan as the same rice sold in other countries. This is because of a convoluted system of distribution and middlemen, which raises the price far beyond the actual and reasonably expected price of rice.[…]

Chicago: the Planetree Report

Planetree: Patient-focused Care As I write this blog, the news is full of alarming reports about Ebola, a disease without a medical cure, spreading internationally. Two (2!) American nurses contracted the disease while caring for an African patient. At the same time, I’ve seen several cartoons of overweight men sitting in a bar, drinking, smoking,[…]

Innovations from the Mayo Clinic

  We live in interesting times.  Consider Syria…After being in the air flying back to Reno during the president’s speech, I’ve been listening to the re-broadcast and talking heads. The most compelling question begging for a military strike is:  Would our lack of response to this poison attack encourage more such attacks in the future?[…]
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