Homage to Dance Master Chitresh Das

The world lost a brilliant man this month. I lost a mentor and friend. That man was Chitresh Das, a brilliant Indian dancer. He was only seventy years old, at the peak of his career and creativity. The cause of death was an aortic rupture…I don’t know the details… only that he died quickly without[…]

Healing Journeys: Living With Cancer

Nobody plans to get cancer. Nobody intends to interrupt their lives in such a drastic fashion, to undergo painful traumatic treatment regimens, to live for (hopefully) years with nagging uncertainty about a possible cancer recurrence. Yet, this is exactly what happens to thousands of people every year in every walk of life.

One Night in San Francisco

I lived in the San Francisco area from 1975-85, specifically in Marin County, the beautiful landscape north of the city over the Golden Gate Bridge. During my last five years in Marin, I lived in the rural community of Woodacre, which satisfied the country boy in me, while I was only a forty-five minute drive from the big city of San Francisco. I loved it.

Biomass Energy: A Growing Alternative Energy Source

This is a blog for those readers with an interest in technology, specifically, the cutting edge of new technology in the development of alternative energy. Let’s outline the context for the need for alternative energy. The original traditional energy sources are: wood, coal, and petroleum products. Nuclear energy was the twentieth century’s great technological breakthrough[…]

A reunion with friends in Kiel, Germany

In April 1969, I made what, in retrospect, was the biggest transformational step of my life. I left the USA for a “junior year abroad” in Kiel, Germany. I ended up staying out of the country for three and a half years. When I finally returned, I wasn’t satisfied living in Georgia, Alabama, or Florida[…]
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