From Portugal to Spain and Back…

Writing this blog on the return flight from Spain to the US, my challenge in writing is to choose which aspects of the trip to highlight. There are more stories than I have the time or space to relate at length. Thus, my brief listing of some interesting facts about Portugal: 1. Portuguese is the[…]

Celebrating With Wine In Portugal

  Christmas Eve in Portugal Sometimes small personal interactions with local residents can color a whole experience of a visit to a foreign country. This happened to me today. My friend Bill and I took the morning excursion from the Viking River Cruise boat to a town in the Douro Valley called Lamego. It’s an[…]

Welcome to Portugal

Once again as I arrive in Europe, I’m overwhelmed with the long rich awareness of history and the rich culture. This is the first time I’ve visited Portugal. Susan and I are traveling with our friends and regular travel companions, Bill and Linn, from Georgia. This Viking River Cruise will also take us into Spain[…]

The HHS-Canada Music Therapy Connection

PIN Toronto
  Twenty-four years ago Susan and I began our healthcare careers with the goal of bringing music into hospitals to create healing environments. This led to development of the C.A.R.E. Channel, a 24-hour channel that provides peaceful music and beautiful nature images. For over two decades, we visited hospitals around the country, promoting our work,[…]

Work in New Jersey, Play in New York

Englewood, New Jersey Hospitals are noisy places. Think of beepers, buzzers, alarms, rolling carts, slamming doors, cries of pain and sorrow, miscellaneous conversations. The government has created a post-hospitalization questionnaire to evaluate the patients’ perception of how quiet their hospital was at night. Due to a below average scores on the nationwide evaluation, Englewood Hospital[…]

Encounter with Remarkable Nurses

I became a musician because when I was young, I loved listening to music and was drawn to learn how to make music myself. Fast forward half a century, and my music has led me, together with my wife Susan and our creation, the C.A.R.E. (Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment) Channel, to associate with the most[…]

Celebrating My 50th High School Reunion

I try not to think too much about the fact that I’ve reached that lofty milestone in age of having attended my fifty-year high school reunion. I graduated from Columbus High School in Columbus, Georgia, in 1966. My graduating class had around four hundred seventy members. Attendees for the reunion consisted of approximately one hundred[…]

Celebrating a Life of 94 Years

View a short humorous video of Dotty Mazer on her ninetieth birthday here: How does one sum up the life of a ninety-four year old woman, an artist, humanitarian, mother of three, and the recently deceased stepmother of my wife, Susan? I knew Dorothy “Dotty” Mazer for approximately thirty years, spending time with her on[…]
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