Stockholm & Oslo, Two of My Favorite Cities

Many years ago, I was told the following joke which highlights Scandinavian cliché stereotypes: In a ferry sailing on the Baltic Sea, two Danes, two Norwegians, two Finns, and two Swedes walk into the bar. The two Danes clap each other on the back, have some drinks, all the while laughing uproariously. The two Norwegians[…]

Amazing Morocco

I must confess prior practically total ignorance of Morocco. Whatever I thought I knew was wrong. Similar to my mistaken preconceptions of southern Spain, I thought that Morocco was all desert. Instead, it turns out that the northern half of Morocco is equally lush and verdant as southern Spain. Instead of looking like Nevada, it[…]

The Amazing Cities of Southern Spain

To tour a country as part of a group tour necessarily results in a superficial introduction to the countries visited. But the advantage is that all the logistical details are covered in advance by the tour company. In the case of this Go Ahead tour, we spent two days in Portugal, followed by five days[…]

Food for Thought: Crossing Borders

PIN Palm Trees
When Susan was working on her PhD at the Fielding Graduate University prior to graduating in 2011, we attended every annual session plus some regional meetings through the year. Since she finished, we had not attended a Fielding event for the last couple of years until this year’s annual meeting in Santa Barbara, California. It[…]
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