A reunion with friends in Kiel, Germany

In April 1969, I made what, in retrospect, was the biggest transformational step of my life. I left the USA for a “junior year abroad” in Kiel, Germany. I ended up staying out of the country for three and a half years. When I finally returned, I wasn’t satisfied living in Georgia, Alabama, or Florida[…]

Reflections on Memorial Day

On the occasion of the Memorial Day holiday, Susan and I watched the large outdoor concert that was held in Washington, DC, on the mall which stretches between the Capitol building and the Lincoln Memorial. There were great singers singing patriotic songs accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra.

Paradise near Seattle: Whidbey island

This blog is about a remarkable cousin who lives in a wonderful place. Seventy-six-year-old cousin Dick is actually my wife Susan’s firstcousin. We have met each other infrequently over the years. Dick and his wife Julie visited us in Reno once. And Susan and I visited Dick and Julie twice in their previous home near[…]

Norway: Life Above the Arctic Circle

Norway used to be one of Europe’s poorest countries.  This was certainly true until after World War II, when the northern part of the country had to be totally rebuilt due to the Nazis’ policy of total destruction as the German military made their retreat southward.  The Norwegian people showed a commendable national spirit of[…]

Norway: The Hurtigruten Cruise Ship

“The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage” That’s how the promo booklet is titled which we received upon boarding our Hurtigruten cruise ship, The Trollfjord.  Our total cruise will last eleven days.  On the map, I count thirty-two ports in each direction where the ship will stop (weather permitting) as we sail from Bergen northward to Kirkenes[…]

Norway: Cruising up the Coast

Writing from a cruise ship off the Norwegian coast north of the Arctic Circle, it’s good to be in Scandinavia again.  The people are so courteous, well informed, socially conscious, and multi-lingual. There are constant reminders of history present throughout most of Europe.  For example, we visited Norway’s largest cathedral in Trondheim, whose construction was[…]

Dubai: The Richest Country in the World

The Arab Kingdom of Dubai is a mere three-hour flight from India, but it’s a different world.  It feels something like Las Vegas, but without the casinos.  The architecture is amazing, including the tallest building in the world (equal to two Empire State Buildings).  There is the world’s largest shopping mall, which even includes its[…]
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