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I write this blog with the Ukraine war present as a disturbing cloud on the mood of our pleasant cruise.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, the cruise schedule is very busy in the upcoming weeks in the Mediterranean.  In fact, we will be in port on seven consecutive days, including two days (and one night) in Venice.  So my upcoming blogs will combine several ports, with as many photos as the ship’s internet will enable.

Madeira Blog

What a difference the distance of three sea days between Cape Verde and Madeira makes!  The country of Madeira, like Cape Verde, also discovered and settled by the Portuguese, is the opposite of Cape Verde.  The population of both countries is similar, around a quarter million inhabitants.  Both countries are of volcanic origin.  They both[…]

Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay–Where the Tango Was Born Let me begin by saying that I knew nothing about Uruguay when the Viking Star docked in Montevideo.  Unfortunately, the port of Montevideo is perhaps the least attractive that I’ve ever seen.  Off to one side of the dock was a graveyard of rusting decaying ships, many of them[…]
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