India and the Middle East

Prepare to be impressed by the Architecture of Abu Dhabi

Welcome to a quick visual tour of Abu Dhabi. All of the photos below were taken in the course of a two hour bus tour of downtown Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the seven member confederation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The citizens of these oil-rich monarchies are incredibly wealthy. Native-born citizens account[…]

My Musical Vacation in India

There are positives and negatives about India.  While the same statement can be made about any country, in my experience India is extreme in practically every aspect.  I’ll start with the negatives. Indian traffic is challenging.  I would never personally choose to drive here.  I prefer riding in the back seat whenever possible, just for[…]

Mumbai: India’s New York City

We have been very blessed to be hosted on this trip by our dear friend Lajo Gupta, first at her home in Dubai, and afterwards in Mumbai, where she flew to host us in her wonderful apartment there. I met Lajo forty years ago(!) when I first started studying Indian classical music at her illustrious[…]

Sikkim–India’s Buddhist State

A Brief History of Contemporary Sikkim The history of Sikkim parallels that of Bhutan in many aspects. Like Bhutan, Sikkim was a geographically isolated Buddhist kingdom that was never colonized by the British or any other country. Bhutan has remained an independent country, though it is closely allied with neighboring India. Sikkim requested to become[…]
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