Welcome to Virtual Reality

In my long life, I’ve witnessed several major technological revolutions.   In my early music years of the early 1960’s, all musical instruments were acoustic.  Then in the late sixties, Jimi Hendrix led the way to an electric guitar revolution, and music was changed forever.  The Hammond B3 organ was an electrified companion to the electric guitar and[…]

Images from Yemen

Below are some photos I took at the Yemeni Museum in my recent visit to Rehovot, Israel. I was lucky enough to have a guided museum tour conducted by an Israeli man of Yemeni extraction. Jews from Yemen started to immigrate to Israel as early as the 1880’s. Yemeni Jews are part of the Jewish[…]

Thoughts Upon Reaching Age Seventy

Attaining the age of seventy is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone, deserving the revelation of (hopefully) wise realizations not possible for the young of limited age and experience. The fact is, that I don’t feel so old, though it’s questionable whether seventy still qualifies as “middle age.” Middle of what? It would clearly be middle aged if[…]

Swedish Traditions versus Anti-Immigrant Populism

  At first glance, it might seem that Sweden is an idealized version of California:  Sweden has: universal free access to healthcare, free college education, an excellent public transportation system, a high regard for conservation and alternative energy production, a high level of female representation in government and industry, and (last but perhaps not least)[…]

Photos from the River Cruise through Germany and the Netherlands

PIN Castle
I’m very lucky to be able to travel internationally as much as I do.  It’s a privilege once reserved exclusively to kings, military leaders, international merchants, and those individuals rich enough to afford to travel.  These days, travel has gotten cheaper in some ways (e.g. airfare, internet booking and phones) though more expensive in others[…]

Switzerland: the Manicured Wonderland

PIN Luzern
I had visited Switzerland only once before in 1973, driving my VW van with my parents, when they came to Europe to persuade me to come back to the US after I had stayed out of the country for three years. By that time, the Vietnam War was winding down, and the military draft was[…]
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